Hairstyles Through The Ages – Some Of History’s More Wacky Hairstyles‘

Hair are your aerials’ according to the character Danny in the classic film Withnail & I and in a way that is true – a hairstyle provides a connection of some sort and a sense of identity, from the court hairstyles of Elizabethan times to the mod crops of the ‘60s. Hairstyles over the years have taken on some pretty weird and wonderful forms, plugging into fashion, to protest and to down right madness, with everyone from queens to punks using them as a form of expression and peacock-like showing off. Looking at hairstyles through the ages provides a great overview of how people and fashion have evolved and changed – here are some of history’s more wacky hairstyles.

Hairstyles were being created and copied all the way back to the 4th century BC, with the Egyptians inventing their own forms of hair extensions by sewing sheep’s wool into their hair to make it look thicker. Many created wigs for themselves from the wool and these wigs were often dyed a rainbow of colours using natural dyes.  Some 1200 years later, the Elizabethans used their hair to express social status, with the more elaborate the design, the more important the woman’s husband. When it comes to queens, Queen Elizabeth I was probably one of the most formidable and she blazed a trail in more ways than one. Lucky then that she had the hairdo to go with it – bright red locks, piled up high on top of her head, frizzed to the max and decorated with as many plaits, pearls and hats as possible.

By the 1700s it was all about the wigs and everyone who was anyone was walking around with a huge, high heap of horsehair covered in flour on their heads. The wigs were often dusted in coloured flour – pink, brown, gray or blue – and were monstrously high. Women used ‘pomatom’ to almost double the size of their heads by adding bulk to hair and when the wigs got too heavy they accessorized with huge feathers – at one point Marie Antoinette was walking around with a 2ft high hairdo. That’s one way to make an entrance…

Jumping forward a few years, ‘wild’ is probably the best word to describe fashion during the ‘80s and hairstyles pushed the boundaries even further. Whether it was Madonna style messed up corkscrew ringlets, dip dyed locks (where the ends of the hair were literally dip dyed in a whole range of different rainbow colours), the Mohawk, the legendary ‘mullet’ hairdo, or the impressive range of asymmetrical cuts, the 80s had a lot to answer for, hairdo-wise.

After the wild colour of the 80s, the 90s was a bit less loud when it came to haircuts. Of course ‘The Rachel’ was the cut of the season but no one could describe that as a wacky style. Instead, men led the way in the 90s with undercuts – where a layer of long hair remains on the top of the cut but the underneath is shaved – close cropped hair with words or symbols shaved into it and lots and lots of facial hair.

Since the 80s we have been severely lacking in wacky hair role models, at least until the arrival of Lady Gaga. If ever there was someone deserving of an award for hair sculpture it’s her. Creations like the hair bow, red streaks, a short purple bob, long, flowing sea green tresses, a quiff, and blonde hair fashioned into a huge, shiny halo have made her a pioneer of crazy styles and a hair hero for all aspiring wacky stylists out there.

Hairstyles through the ages have varied wildly, from the super conservative to the slightly barking. Whether it was powdered wigs, sheep’s wool extensions, hair bows or dip dyes, history’s more wacky hairstyles have definitely given us something to think about!

Clear Internet

Generally, when speaking about internet, we instantly think of technological development and high speed communication, exactly the kind of services provided by Clear.

The concept of fast speed communication is not new at all. Throughout history, people have always tried to improve their ways of communication. They were interested both in shortening the time required for their personal correspondence to reach destination, and in finding an easier way to stay up to date with all the major events taking place around the world.

The latest century seems to have fulfilled this desire for better and faster ways of communication. The invention of the radio, of the television and of the telephone turned what seemed like a beautiful dream into pure reality.

But things didn’t stop here. A couple of decades ago, the “thing” that was to give the concept of “speed communication” a whole new meaning was invented: the internet. This amazing invention made it possible for people all over the world to keep in touch with their loved ones even from thousands of miles away. It also opened new possibilities, and simplified the lives of millions of people.

Just like it usually happens with revolutionary inventions, things did not stop here. Developers and technicians all over the world gave their best to come up with new and improved solutions, like wireless internet.

This type of connection offers its users far more freedom compared to the traditional DSL connection, since it doesn’t involve cables and related devices. You can access such a connection from your car, your office, your home, or even in public places, especially since all the latest phones and laptop models come with wireless connection capabilities.

Among the companies to discover the great potential of this newly invented form of communication, Clear took the concept to a whole new level, garnishing it with excellent customer care and technical services. They worked on expanding the connection area and on improving the quality of the signal, in order to make sure that their services would cover a greater area and a larger category of clients.

The process didn’t take long to be completed, so, today, this ISP’s e coverage area reaches about eighty percent of the country’s main cities, being in a constant stage of development.

Clear – It’s All about Speed

The freedom offered by the wireless connection is not the only thing the company’s customers appreciate. The speed of their Internet connection is superior to what other standard DSL providers offer.

The difference comes from the fact that the latter mentioned type of connection is 3G, while the one provided by Clear is mostly 4G. Using the 4G internet communications involves a level of freedom and performance most clients did not even dream about.

You don’t have to worry about waiting for some important file to be downloaded, because it will happen in the blink of an eye. Your emails, your chat, your video calls and video streaming will take place in real time, as if they didn’t even need an internet connection.

Twice as fast communication means more time for you. You can use it in many pleasant ways. For instance, you can go shopping, or even on a trip. All this time, you can stay permanently in touch with everything that matters to you, using the wireless, 4G internet connection provided by Clear.

The best part of all is the low price of the service. You will pay less for this type of connection compared to the price you used to pay for a standard connection. This is mainly because using the latter implied the existence of a land line that you had to pay for, even if its only use was to grant you access to the Internet. On the other hand, the concept of “wireless” in itself implies no wires, so no strains attached.

The only cost you will have to cover will be the monthly fee, clearly stipulated in the contract you sign with your internet service provider.

Wide spread connection network, 4G power and speed, affordable prices gathered under one name – that’s what the Clear internet offer is all about!

A Good And Experienced Handyman Is Worthy

Sometimes, regularly maintaining our home becomes a challenge task. There may be minor repairs, but you do not have the time or tools to get the task done. Problems that arise from flooded basement to mould infestations, structural issues like floor joist, doors & windows replacement or wall reconstruction are some of the home interior repairs that can be done with the help of an experienced handyman.

A few of the home repairs are simple like installing the electronic garage doors, waterproofing the outdoor patios and decks, installing new sink or toilet, replacing broken floor tile or window glass. Handyman services in Dubai provide a wide range of solutions to get the tasks done in the quickest possible time at affordable rates.

You can hire these services for larger projects like kitchen and bathroom renovations. In some areas, they are not permitted to do a certain type of job like plumbing and electrical. They subcontract these tasks, but plumbing or electrical works will have to be performed by the licensed professionals.

Tips to select a good handyman

Referrals from neighbours, friends and family are good because they are trusted sources

You can even prepare a list from online research, after looking through their website

Select 3 to 4 reputed contractors and call them

Before you call them, prepare a list of questions regarding the project, material cost, rates, payment policy, timeline, how they handle the task, insurance, how they employ staff, employee skills, experience and even request for reference of their previous work

Call the company’s references to get an idea of the quality of services, and if they are satisfied with the completed task

Check BBB to see if the handyman’s work has any complaints filed

Compare the quotes, referrals, reviews and make an informed decision

Get bids in the contract forms. It highlights the projects scope, anticipated hours, rates and materials

Never agree to pay full upfront payment

When you go hunting for handyman services, their charges will always be the main deciding factor, but do not compromise on the quality of the materials. Low quality materials can lead to excessive repairs or replacements in the near future.

No one wants to get renovations done every a couple of years, and thus make sure you choose the handyman services wisely. Double check the quality of materials used in the contract form, and make sure that the same ones are used.

Permission process

For a home renovation tasks, you will need two kinds of permits from the state and local agency. Both agencies include different rules & regulations. There will be a need of thorough inspections before you get a certificate. Handyman companies are aware of all the permits need and the process involved, which makes it easy for you to do the paperwork in the right manner.