1. What is ViziSense?
ViziSense is India?s preferred online audience measurement platform that tracks, analyzes and reports valuable insights across the digital landscape. ViziSense has products aross site analytics, online research, media planning and ad monitoring.
2. What are the benefits of creating a ViziSense account?
All features on ViziSense are accessible only for registered users. The BASIC account holders get free access to AccuTags (analytics product for publishers) and the basic version of SiteStats. The other products are available as per the product package selected.
3. How do I register for ViziSense? / How do I get access to the paid products?
You can register with ViziSense using the Register link on ViziSense.com and fill up the web form to create a ViziSense account. Creation of a BASIC account shall give you access to the free features. If you wish to buy the paid package, you can select the product plan of your choice and fill up the enquiry form here.
4. How does ViziSense collect all the data?
ViziSense uses a combination of the panel data it receives from thousands of users and the ViziSense Tag that a publisher can place on his website, to derive conclusions about a site’s audience. Click here to know more about our methodology.
5. Are there any fees / costs for ViziSense and its services?
Yes, most of the ViziSense products are paid and can be bought as part of our Product Plans.The BASIC package comes free and can be created by registering here.
6. How do I close my account?
In order to close your account, you should send a mail to [email protected] requesting a closure of account. You should also remove the Tags if you had implemented them. Please note that ViziSense will continue to use the data it received when the Tag was implemented (if applicable) and the data it receives from the panel even after you close your account.
7. What should I do if I have any questions or suggestions?
You can write to us at [email protected] .