How To Do Perfect Bench Press

In this post we are going to discuss about perfect bench press techniques. Bench press is the main chest workout but doing it wrong does not give you any gain. So we tell you how to do perfect bench press. By doing perfect bench press you will feel the muscle development in your chest area. Take in the procedure, a few tips, and unstable insider facts to seat squeeze shape that will send your quality and muscle improvement through the rooftop!

The Flat Barbell Bench Press would one say one is of the most prominent activities in the exercise center, yet what number of individuals know the most vital methods for augmenting quality and power amid every rep?

In this article, you will discover strong tips without the cushion. These tips will in a flash help you to enhance your seat squeeze RIGHT NOW! You needn’t bother with any unique gear to utilize these methods, only a readiness to learn.

The barbell seat press is done as an abdominal area lift, which focuses on the pectoralis muscles, yet when it is performed accurately, turns into an entire body lift that shows leg drive, add up to body strain, and settles the shoulder support. In any case, when performed inaccurately, it can bring about genuine muscle irregular characteristics that prompt to perpetual shoulder torment. Obviously this will obstruct most day by day action to do perfect bench press.

Steps For Perfect Bench Press:

1. Hand spacing:

The ideal seat squeeze rep begins with no weight on the bar. Why no weight? The principal thing you have to do is decide your legitimate hand dividing on the bar.

Perfect bench press

Rests on the seat and unrack the bar as you ordinarily would. Bring down the bar to your mid-section and have an accomplice observe the introduction of your lower arms. For ideal power, your lower arms ought to be as near vertical at the base of the rep as could be expected under the circumstances. Change your hold appropriately and observe where your hands are in connection to the smooth rings on the Olympic bar.

2. Locking Down:

Since you have your grasp appropriately situated, put some weight on the bar. Lay back on the seat and plant your feet solidly on the floor. Your knees ought to bowed at around a 80 degree point. Try not to put your feet up on the seat. You will lose steadiness and potential power by doing this. Put your hands on the bar in the grasp width that you decided beforehand.

A system that I jump at the chance to use to bolt my shoulders into the position for most extreme quality and solidness is as per the following:

Perfect bench press

Instead of putting your palms on the base of the bar, put them on the back of the bar.

Presently, without expelling your hold, turn the bar down so that your palms are currently straightforwardly under the bar. This has the impact of setting your shoulders into their most steady and solid position. It will nearly feel as however you seem to be “securing” your shoulders.

As you are turning the bar and securing your shoulders, lift your middle somewhat off the seat and drive your shoulder bones together firmly underneath your middle. This will drive your shoulders back and puff your mid-section out, setting the pectorals in a position where they have a more viable line of draw. It additionally has the special reward of making your middle thicker, lessening the separation you have to press the weight. Keep your shoulder bones pressed firmly behind you for the length of the set.

3. Lowering The Bar:

Expel the banish from the racks and take care of the muscles of your middle. Start bringing down the bar under entire control to a point at the base of your sternum (about even with the base of your sternum, a.k.a. the breastbone).

Perfect bench press

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Envision as if your muscles are springs saving all the vitality of the weight bringing and preparing down to detonate everything pull out. Breathe in as you lower the bar and grope it fixing your mid-section.

Delicately touch the weight to your mid-section. Try not to bob the weight off your mid-section! This can bring about harm as broke ribs or notwithstanding snapping the tip of the sternum (somewhat hard bulge known as the Xiphoid Process). It additionally diffuses the strain you’ve developed in the pectorals, lessening the adequacy of the practice for building quality and bulk.

4. Drive With Legs:

As you begin to alter the course of the bar and start the press up, drive with the legs. This is a strategy that most coaches don’t think about. It’s unusual to consider it yet your leg power can really help you seat squeeze more weight!

This procedure ought to be drilled with a void bar before endeavoring it amid a general set. Begin by planting your feet level on the floor with your knees twisted around 80 degrees. This edge is critical as it is the thing that permits you to push with your legs. Bring down the void bar to your mid-section. The minute you begin to push the bar move down, push hard with your legs just as you are attempting to slide your body up the seat.

With an unfilled bar you most likely will have the capacity to slide yourself up the seat. When you have a stacked bar, be that as it may, the weight will keep you from sliding and the pushing power from your legs will get exchanged through your body and into pushing the bar up. This is what’s known as driving with your legs. It can truly bulk up your energy out of the base of the rep.

5. Raising The Bar:

Breathe out compellingly through pressed together lips as you keep on pushing the weight up. This will keep up your middle soundness superior to just breathing out at the same time.

Keep your feet immovably planted on the floor regardless of the possibility that you begin to battle with the weight. The minute you lift your feet off the floor, you break your base of force and the chances of you finishing the lift decrease significantly.

In the event that you tend to move your feet around, take a stab at putting 2.5 pound plates on your feet. This is not to burden your feet but rather to help you be more mindful of what is occurring with your feet. In the event that a plate falls, your foot has moved. Endeavor to keep those plates set up.

The bar ought to take after a slight in reverse circular segment as you squeeze it up, moving from your lower rib confine to over your face toward the end of the rep.

Know about your adhering point and attempt to drive the bar through it instead of giving the bar a chance to back off as you come up to it. There are numerous preparation strategies for chipping away at staying focuses that I will dig into in a future article.


In the end we have concluded that for perfect bench press we should keep in mind the above points. This is our best collection for perfect bench press that we have provided to you. I hope you may like this.