Looking For An Advanced Tech Infrared Heater Buy Here

An Easy Choice For Advanced Effectiveness

ATI or (Advanced Tech Infrared) provides some of the highest quality infrared heaters you can find.  The quality of ATI cannot be surpassed and are more dependable then other brands on the market.

ATI heaters can also be used year around as an air purifier.  The Infrared heater AND air purifier is a first in the industry and provides the best in warmth and healthier air.  You will have the best system you can find that will save you money on your energy bill, while heating your home and purifying the air.

All ATI heaters have at least a 3 year warranty and 30 Day money back guarantee.  ATI heaters operate for just pennies a day while saving you up to 50% on your heating bill.  ATI heaters can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet and will never need expensive replacement bulbs, ever!!  The heaters operate whisper quiet and are lightweight and easy to transport.  

The heaters are safe to the touch, ensuing safety for both children and pets.  ATI also comes with BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES such as Overheat Protection and a Tip-Over Safety Switch which make this heater safe in any application.

ATI heaters are a smart choice for your next infrared heater. 

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