ViziSense is India’s first internet audience measurement platform that reports accurate and reliable information on the internet market in India. It publishes real-time online media usage and audience level statistics to help publishers better understand their audience composition and to help media planners & advertisers select the right media mix to reach out to their target audience. It uses a combination of sophisticated statistical techniques and best practices to provide the most reliable and accurate web audience measurement.
Panel based data
ViziSense derives the basic estimation of the audience composition using a panel of several thousand users, who anonymously share their web surfing behaviour with us. Using proprietary technology, we project which sites the entire Indian audience is visiting and use that data to show the basic information of the profiles of the users visiting a particular site. To make our estimates more accurate, we use data from ViziSense tag which is embedded by individual publisher into his/her website.
ViziSense Tag data
The ViziSense Tag, embedded by publishers on their web pages, helps us further improve the accuracy level of our statistics. The Tag placement helps ViziSense accurately measure the site’s traffic statistics such as page views, visitors, reach, geography, etc. and also helps in improving the accuracy of the demographic details that ViziSense is providing.
ViziSense combines the data from both these sources mentioned above and applies advanced statistical techniques and prediction algorithms to make highly accurate estimates about a website’s audience profile.
To learn more please refer to the ViziSense Methodology Document.