Text Message Marketing: The Best Thing About Text Messaging

With the influx of cell phone use in schools and at work, many people are quick to harshly judge text messaging. Some call text messaging the downfall of Western civilization because it eliminates necessary human interaction and hinders teenagers effective communication skills. Others say text messaging gives people an excuse to write poorly misspelled words in conjunction with improper grammar.

Luckily, there are sides to every debate, and I happen to be in favor of text messaging. The main reason I am in support of text messaging is because of how convenient it is. I can remind my roommate to buy paper towels when she goes to the store. I can ask my mom how she is feeling at work, and if I need to pick her up. I can tell my little sister how much I love her before she goes to her first day of high school.

It is nice for short and simple conversations that do not need to take place over the phone. Text messaging, however is not useful for entire conversations that should be happening over the telephone. Another thing I love about text messages is text message marketing. the Text Message Marketing is especially pertinent in my life because I love coupons. I can get coupons and specials right on my cell phone!

Because of text message marketing, I bought a full size pizza for only 3 dollars. Once you see that, you will never say another ill word against text messaging. Before I had a smart phone, I would use my text messages to get weather updates from Google. I would also use the Google places function in order to find my favorite restaurants and places of interest. I like to know when my favorite stores are having sales, and a lot of stores offer special coupons only to those who sign up for their text messages.

This means I can get bigger savings while exerting very little effort on my part. It is a fantastic deal for me! My life is pretty busy, and paper coupons are hard to keep track of. I like having my coupons with me everywhere I go by keeping them in my text message inbox. We live in a far and away technological world, you might as well jump on the bandwagon or you’ll get left behind! Another pro to text messaging is the ease at which you can contact big numbers of people at once.

When planning a party, all I had to do was text message a whole group of my friends and they would all get the same message at the same time. This severely cuts down on the time and money it used to take to let my friends know about upcoming events. The college I attend sends out practice emergency response text messages, just to make sure their emergency system works properly.

It is so nice to know that because of technology, I will have a better chance of being protected if a disaster occurs. Every few months, they send around a text message to make sure they can reach every student in the event of a disaster. I like text messaging because it is convenient, it makes me feel safe, and the rewards are endless.

Say what you want about personal communication diminishing and the Western civilization falling to pieces, you cannot ignore the best parts of text messaging and text message marketing. The best part about this is that text messaging is open to everyone with a phone and a cellular service plan. Take it from me, you don’t want to be the only one left behind.