Top 5 Coolest Office Accessories

Many of us work in offices these days, and while air conditioning, comfortable chairs and flat screen monitors may have made things considerably better than the raucous, smoke filled and noisy environments of yesteryear, there are still some improvements that can be made! Although not all of these might seem to be the most conducive to hard work at first, just remember the best worker is a happy well rested worker! Let’s start the countdown!

5. The Foosball Table

For a few years now these have been the reserve of the cool companies that say ‘we work hard but know how to have fun’. However in recent years more and more companies have been jumping on the bandwagon and now to some it’s more like ‘look how cool we are’. However it has to be said that a good game of foosball is actually pretty fun! Bars don’t have them in there for no reason. Plus a four-player game of foosball can actually work well for team bonding.

4. The Comfy Sofa

Ok so a lot of offices have sofas, but they are usually by the reception desk, and are mostly uncomfortable places for nervous interview attendees to build up their nerves while waiting for their shot at a job. But what if your sofa was in the main part of your office? And also comfortable enough to sit on for more than five minutes? Then you might just be able to have some cool, creative meetings on it!

3. The Pool Table

So what if you a sociable game in the office but you think Foosball might be a bit too much like a workout? Then why not try a pool table, this can give a relaxing break from the work environment, but also allow people to muse over business problems while they pot a few balls! (Or just muse over how they aren’t very good at pool).

2. Slides

I’m sure many of us have seen the pictures of an office slide, but these fun and good looking pieces of interior design are actually becoming more common than you might think! Google, have these now in their head offices at Mountain View as well as in their offices in San Francisco, New York and Zurich. Maybe with the billions they are raking in there is something to the whole idea! Although as much as pictures have been released of the slides themselves, pictures of people enjoying them are slightly harder to come by, let alone a first-hand testimonial from someone who gets to use one every day!

1. The Sleep Pod

I’m sure there isn’t one of us reading who hasn’t felt the need for a sly sleep at some point in their working life! Whether it’s thanks to a slight over-indulgence at the bar the previous night, a new born baby or any number of reasons for not getting your requisite eight hours the night before – sometimes we just feel tired! So some forward thinking employers out there are taking on board some new research showing that a power-nap can actually do as much good as a few hours sleep in terms of alertness and mental capacity, and providing their employees with a sleep pod! Despite looking slightly like a medical scanner these units are designed to allow you to sleep off whatever is bothering you can return to your desk ready to work!